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2019 Florida Urantia Conference
Learning the Lessons of the Morontia Schools While Still on Urantia.

When: Saturday, March 2, 2019

Where: Duncan Center, 15820 S. Military Trail, Delray Beach, FL 33484 (

The conference is from 9 AM to 5 PM. After the conference we will adjourn to a nearby home for dinner and socializing. The $55 fee includes lunch.

Learning the Lessons of the Morontia Schools While Still on Urantia

The keys of the kingdom of heaven are: sincerity, more sincerity,
and more sincerity. All men have these keys. Men use
them—advance in spirit status—by decisions, by more decisions, and by more
decisions. The highest moral choice is the choice of the highest possible
value, and always—in any sphere, in all of them—this is to choose to do the
will of God. If man thus chooses, he is great, though
he be the humblest citizen of Jerusem or even the least of mortals on Urantia. 39:4.14.

The importance of education as a means of progressing from our
material experiences to our spiritual destinies is a theme that is repeated
throughout The Urantia Book. As we transition through the Mansion Worlds, we
learn during our time in the Morontia Schools of Thinking, Feeling, and Doing.
These schools help us to move past our lingering material tendencies by effecting “the
permanent eradication from the mortal survivors of such animal vestigial traits
as procrastination, equivocation, insincerity, problem avoidance, unfairness,
and ease -seeking.” 48:5.8 (551.3) In addition to eliminating negative tendencies, we also build on
those positive characteristics which we have already developed on Urantia.

Those things which you might have learned on earth, but which you failed to learn, must be acquired
under the tutelage of these faithful and patient teachers. There are no royal
roads, short cuts, or easy paths to Paradise. Irrespective of the individual variations
of the route, you master the lessons of one sphere before you proceed to
another; at least this is true after you once leave the world of your nativity. 48:5.7 (551.2)

As a part of a series of workshops sponsored by the Education Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship,
our presenters David and Marilynn Kulieke (Lincolnshire, IL) will share their
exploration of some of the more unique aspects of The Urantia Book’s description of growing by learning, deciding,
and then consecrating those decisions through action and service. The benefits
of engaging in such a process while on Urantia, helps us to unify our personalities by
subordinating our physical systems through the coordination of our mind
systems, with the direction of our spirit systems 116:6.1 (1275.1).

The day-long workshop provides opportunities for participants to question, discuss, learn, apply, and
integrate these important ideas into their own lives. We will apply the quest for personality unity during our lives on
Urantia by looking at the tasks accomplished during the ideal human life of Jesus
as well as other sources described in The Urantia Book. Prayer, worship, and fellowship are ways that we can progress toward perfection even before we begin our own
education of thinking, feeling, and doing on the Mansion Worlds.

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